• 2010 Reading List

    What I've read this year:

    "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory (Rating: C)

    "The Welsh Girl" by Peter Ho Davies (Rating: A)

    "Mistress of the Sun" by Sandra Gulland (Rating: A)

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Define the word “smile”

I don’t know about you, but I have recently learned that there is a significant linguistic difference between myself and S. For some reason, point a camera in my general direction and say “Smile!” and I will look at the camera, lift my chin subtly to try and hide my chin-boob (as my sister & I loving call that little pooch of  skin), and will…smile.

I submit the following as evidence (obviously not a successful attempt to hide the chin-boob, but overall, a solid picture with a smile-like expression)


Now why is it that when I point the camera at S. and say “Smile!”, I get the following…


Maybe he thinks I’m saying “Make me smile, Peanut!”, because, it does. I laugh every time he does this!

However, I am beginning to get concerned that the majority of the photos I have of this stage of his life are similar to the one above. In fact, I’ve struggled before in trying to post pictures of him on this very blog with a sweet smile on his face.

Now I’m wondering why? Doesn’t that one just make you smile? Maybe the kid is on to something… After all, this is the same boy who waves and yells, “Hey!” to strangers at red lights who have their windows down. He is a master at passing along smiles…I hope it has worked for you!


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