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    "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory (Rating: C)

    "The Welsh Girl" by Peter Ho Davies (Rating: A)

    "Mistress of the Sun" by Sandra Gulland (Rating: A)

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lovely long weekends!

We spent Friday getting ready for spring – digging holes for new trees, laying out our garden and tilling the earth, and pretending to be meerkats in the holes.

Pretending to be a meerkat

Pretending to be a meerkat

My parents arrived Saturday to spend two days with us. Gram & Grandpa brought with them the standard carload of gifts, including some handmade stilts for S!

Practicing stilt-walking

Practicing stilt-walking

Overall, the weekend was wonderful. I soaked up time with my parents, wishing that they didn’t live 9 hours away, loving the fact that S. is just as affectionate with them as he is with A’s parents who live 20 minutes away. The weather was beautiful, the food was abundent, and the family time was wonderful!
I made delicious rolls from the Kneadlessly Simple book, and will share some pictures and details tomorrow. For now, I’m off to finish the laundry and housecleaning that inevitably follows guests.

2 Responses

  1. Oh he is adorable! I had stilts as a kid. LOVED THEM. Glad a nice visit was had by all.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I would have to agree with you – he is adorable…of course, I’m incredibly biased. Also, I’m assuming you mean S, not my father, although I do consider him to be a handsome man as well! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment last week, btw. I understand what you mean about having to be in the right spot to answer the phone from some friends. That is exactly how I was feeling!

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