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Just the beginning, Mr. President

A few weeks ago, a women that I work with came into my office and said, very apologetically, “I know you voted for Obama…”



She continued to talk about the economy, and how things weren’t improving, and how bleak the future looked. Now, I am the first to admit that I am not a political analyst, and that I don’t have my finger on the pulse of major economic indicators throughout the country. However, I do follow the news, and I am a fairly average reflection of middle America.

So, I wonder why she felt the need to take pity on me for having voted for Obama? I still have the sticker on my car, so I am obviously not ashamed of my choice. Quite the opposite, actually. I find that he is doing a very good job, under an incredible amount of scrutiny. I continue to believe that he will leave the greatest and most positive presidential legacy in my lifetime.


It is undeniable that the intense passion and fervor that surrounded the campaign led to unreal standard for him. He is only one man, working within an imperfect system, trying to make decisions on a variety of topics to protect and assist as many people as possible. Not an easy task. It is as if he was expected to miraculously and instantly develop solutions for all of the issues plaguing our country. I think that it is fair to assume that since these problems took years to to create, the resolutions could take just as long.

We are only 6 months into the term, and yet many people would have you believe that his entire presidency is going to be a failure, and that he has some how dramatically changed from his campaign.

Guantanamo Bay, health care reform, clean energy – these are not one dimensional issues that will be quickly and easily solved. Likewise, many resolutions that will come to pass will be loved by some and despised by others – much the same as the decisions made under Bush.

But overall, I do feel that something is different. The nation, while still debating topics, having a wide variety of views, and covering every part of the political spectrum, seems to be more peaceful. Maybe it is just me, in my little corner of the world…

But, I hope that I am right. I hope that we are slowly but surely growing more happy, more confident in our government, and more accepting of our differences. I for one am still loving the fact that our leader is admired by the world. I love that when he comes on the news, I want to listen. I love that he is “the most powerful man in the world,” and yet reminds me of so many other loving dads & husbands I know. It is a lovely change, and I think this is just the beginning.


One another note, there are just so many good things being done and then expressed so well in this huge microcosm of blogs. You must visit Vintage Chica today to read her reflection on her recent trip to Nicaragua. Have a tissue handy – the tears are unavoidable, but the story is beautiful!


3 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed your reflection upon this issue. And agree – I couldn’t imagine walking into that job – after such HYPE – at a worse time then Obama has. But I like what you said that the most powerful man in the world reminds you of a regular loving dad and husband – so true. He has brought about such a great breathing space for the world. A time to let go of that pent up anxious breath, look around, notice what needs to be done, and put in place slow, steady, sustainable change. I cannot stand politicians that work on the single-term turnaround. How could anything worthwhile possibly be achieved in such a short time frame. A leader who thinks generations ahead – s/he’s the leader I want.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race, right? This is basically the polar opposite mindset than our government has had in the past. I’m hoping that this methodical, thoughtful, and long-term planning will last even beyond Obama’s tenure. We shall see! Until then, I’m just content knowing that we are earning back some respect from the rest of the world. (And loving the new vision of what an American President looks like!)

  3. Obama ran on an ambitious platform of change, and he has been working hard at tackling a wide range of problems. What I find frustrating is how the Bush Presidency took a budget SURPLUS — remember those REFUND checks we got because of the SURPLUS? — and turned it into a huge deficit during his two terms in office, but it is Obama who they criticize for increasing debt. If Obama is successful, and the country can not afford for him to fail, then we are going to have a radically different environment for everything from health care to the environment. Republicans are quite adept at scaring people into voting against their self interest, and watching these town hall broadcasts are the latest proof.

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