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    "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory (Rating: C)

    "The Welsh Girl" by Peter Ho Davies (Rating: A)

    "Mistress of the Sun" by Sandra Gulland (Rating: A)

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He was born to shimmer

Today is the day – my little man is officially 5 years old!

We started off the day with a great cuddle in bed, carefully reviewing the gifts that he received at his birthday party. I sang “Happy Birthday” to him while we cuddled, and then it was time to get up, get dressed, and head out of the door. All day I was thinking about him, and reminiscing about his past birthdays, some of my favorite “Seth-isms,” and contemplating how it is possible for time to go so incredibly fast.

August 2009 004

I have an ongoing  joke with him that he is not allowed to get any older than 5; this is it. And, I admit, part of me wishes that it was possible. I just love this age. He is funny, independent in so many ways, creative, discovering new things daily, small enough to be held, and still willing to cuddle and give kisses whenever I ask for them, and even sometimes when I don’t. I dread the day that he gets embarrassed kissing me…is there a magic pill that I can slip in his dinner to make that never happen?! But, I know that he must grow up, and another part of me can’t wait to see it happen. I can’t wait to see the man that he will be. Will he maintain this confidence and humor, or will he grow more shy as he gets older? Will he continue to be interested in snakes, salamanders, critters of all kinds, cars, trucks, and planes, or will he morph into someone that I don’t even know yet? Will he continue to be the life of the party, or will he take a backseat role in groups? A leader or a follower? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see!

August 2009 002

For Seth’s first birthday, I put together a scrapbook of sorts from his first year. There were so many incredible memories that I wanted us to have frozen in time, so i spent hours assembling the book, selecting my favorite pictures, and trying to capture the essence of the things that had happened during that year. Looking back, I am so glad that I did. Every year is important in a child’s life, but that first year is filled to the brim with new experiences and milestones that are easy to forget later on. And now, it is something that I love to look at, and so does he. Until recently, we kept the book in his room and periodically he would pull it down and just sit and flip through the pages. He would ask us questions about various photos, and we would tell stories that were brought to mind by random things on the pages. 

In the scrapbook, I included the lyrics to a great Shawn Mullins song, “Shimmer,” that I gave to Alan before Seth was born. I love the song for many reasons. It has a great message of hope and positivity, but I really appreciate the way that he expresses his hopes for a young boy. From the time Seth came into this world, these have been my hopes for him, as well as my hopes for us as parents.

sharing with us what he knows
shining eyes are big and blue
and all around him water flows
this world to him is new
this world to him is new

to touch a face
to kiss a smile
new eyes see no race
the essence of a child
the essence

he’s born to shimmer, he’s born to shine
he’s born to radiate
he’s born to live, he’s born to love
but we’ll teach him not to hate

we’re born to shimmer, we’re born to shine
we’re born to radiate
we’re born to live, we’re born to love
we’re born to never hate

August 2009 006

Happy birthday to my favorite person on the planet (alright, it is an even tie with Alan)! I can’t wait to see you radiate your force into the world!

And, yes, we did have ice cream for dinner. The rules in this house don’t exist on birthdays! Well, except for these: make it special; make it memorable; tell him/her how much you love them, and what your favorite memories from the past year have been. If you haven’t tried watermelon sorbet, you must. It is the tastiest thing ever! Perfectly light and cool – the best thing for a hot & humid day in NC. (And the incredibly HUGE waffle cone doesn’t hurt either!)


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